Rita Schondale – Frilly & Fun! (Original)

Another superb shot of a 1960’s model named Rita Schondale scanned from an original strip of 35mm negatives. As you can see from above this came in it’s original negative album along with details of the model and location. The album contained 3 strips of negatives totaling 18 photo’s and was shot on Tuesday 20th September 1966  at Jason Studios. 

Rita has a more curvy figure and if the details on the album are to be believe she was married with children, which wouldn’t surprise me as many models were just normal housewives that did a bit of modelling on the side. I love this pose as she supports her boobs and the fabulous frilly knickers she’s wearing. Nothing risque in this set as the most Rita shows is her tits and figure, but still fabulous to see. I’ve also recently seen a set of Rita posing with none other than Dawn Grayson as a duo, so she obviously was more than just a casual model? More of Rita to come as well as other models from Jason Studios ?

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  1. These photos give us an interesting insight into the way glamour photography was changing in the late 60s. Here is an apparently married woman doing some work, probably ‘on the side’, but not looking 100% sure about what she was doing. Within 5 years any girls wanting to ‘break into’ glamour work were showing us everything they had and the brief age of ‘naughty but nice’ pin ups had gone.

    Having said all of that, at the time I really enjoyed seeing more of the models!

  2. I agree with Billboard 100%. Times and tastes were changing as models grew more daring and readers more demanding.

    Regarding this shot: her facial expression suggests she’s tense and uncomfortable – never a good luck for a glamour girl, even one with a fine pair of tits.


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