Unknown Bedroom Beauty (Original)

A colour shot of an unknown model posing on the bed by Harrison Marks from a medium format negative. Another model I have several shots of, but no idea who she is? Taken in the late 60’s or early 70’s this shot has the familiar bed and golden bed frame used by GHM in many of his later shots and glamour films. The model in question has a stunning figure from what we can see and wearing a dark wig, which she always wears in all the shots I’ve got and seen of her, but no idea who she is?

I’ll add her to the Unknown Models List as Unknown Model No.69 😉

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  1. Agreed, from what we are able to see, a very lovely figure indeed…

  2. Perchance Cleo Simmons in her dark wig ?

  3. Does Carol Vorderman have a twin sister?

    • A somewhat shy expression on this beautiful model’s face as she submissively exposes her full, soft young breasts for our fantasy pleasure. A gorgeous nude figure, nicely set off by the black choker. Great pic!


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