A Glamorous Kneeling Nude! (Original)

Another fabulous shot from a restored 35mm Esquire Colour Slide. A stunning blonde with dark red lips and perfect figure perched on one knee. She looks familiar, but no name comes to mind, but at a guess I’d say taken by Russell Gay? I love those small perfectly shaped tits and small button nipples. A classic glamour model and pose from the 1960’s.

Thanks to Tonal for identifying this model as Mary Martin who did actually pose for Russell Gay in the 1950’s and 60’s.


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  1. She is lovely. Any full figure ones of her?

  2. Natural figure, no tatoos, well posed, what a difference to much of what is on offer today.

  3. A classic pose, to be sure. Glorious nipples. Anyone else think her face is a bit like Grace Kelly’s?

  4. This beguiling beauty was indeed a Russell Gay model. She was credited as Mary Martin in the 1950’s run of Fiesta, where she often appeared.

    Wonder, I have a tasteful but full bush shot of her from a Scandinavian mag somewhere and will send to you,


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