Kerry Scott – A Minor Adjustment! (Original)

1960’s UK model Kerry Scott from a restored 35mm colour slide sent over by Paul from Firebird records. Nice to see a bit of colour in this shot, especially Kerry’s basque as she adjusts her suspender belt. I have several shots of Kerry on this set, although I have no idea where it was. Several other models posed with this reflective background including June Palmer and Monique Devereux, so it could have Strobe or Scottlee Studio’s?


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  1. In terms of her appearances, I myself have only seen this model once before, in a 2 page B&W tastefully nude set in June 1970 of Carnival.

    • Yeah I have very few of her myself. Although I know Paul from Firebird has a huge collection of her from some sets taken at Astoria studio’s in the 1960’s.


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