Angela & Gerry – Two Girl Special!

I got a beautiful copy of Smooth Satin No.15 delivered today. Featuring the two girl special of Angela Duncan and Gerry Brown in 48 pages of them stripping on a bed. Fantastic little book, but as with other editions of this publication not the best quality and not that risque! Plenty of stockings and boobs, but nothing showing down below, although Gerry looks to be wearing some crotchless panties, but her hand is always in the way!

Thanks to Rambooks for this fabulous copy and another tri-coloured cover 🙂

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  1. Certainly not the best photo of either of them.

  2. Hardly an enticing cover.

  3. Smooth satin number 19 is available on

  4. Not the kind of girls you’d want to meet on a dark night.

    Alternatively, exactly the kind of girls you’d like to meet on a dark night.

    I favour the latter…


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