Gigi Magazine Cover (1968)

The very vibrant cover of Gigi No.1 published by Tudor House in 1968. This was most definitely pushing the boundaries as a cover back then with such an open shot. But then this magazine was full of shots similar with Euuropean models with their legs wide open! 36 vibra colour pages in fact all taken by Serge Jacques.

It looks like this was a one off, as I’ve not found any other editions and it seems to be reprinting shots by Jacques found in Cover Girl/Exciting although in colour. Definately for the hairy pussy lover 😉

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  1. Nice example of how to pose in stockings and suspenders. Too hairy for me though.

  2. The whole magazine is available on I can confirm it is full of untamed hairy pussy.

  3. I can’t find it on Archive which section is it in?

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