Rita – Fishnets & Pink! (Original)

Rita Landre (Pamela Green) posing on the Parisian Alley Set by Harrison Marks. I’ve published several shots of Pam as Rita in this location here, but think it is great shot of her in the pink corset and fishnets.

This shot is even better as it’s in colour, so you get to see Rita/Pam in vivid colour. 

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  1. Great shot juxtaposing the basque and the casually opened top revealing the untethered breasts. Very sexy.
    By the way, any chance of Caligula letting us see more shots of the divine Christine? It’s been too long without her!

  2. Wonderful. Michael Powell was so taken by ‘Rita’ that he set out to hire her for PEEPING TOM, only to be surprised when he found out that ‘Rita’ was Pam.

    Those breasts look very naked popping out above the basque.

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