Robyn on The Rocks! (Original)

The beautiful Robin (Alicen Warden) posing sat on a rock ledge at the river edge by Harrison Marks. All of the shots I have of Robyn are taken on location down in Devon in 1966. This river and location were used extensively by GHM, but I have no idea as to which river it was? It will have been somewhere near Bedruthen in North Cornwall, but that’s as far as I know 🙂

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  1. Nice tits not enough to play with. Not to keen on the hair but good legs.

    • As Rummy says, good legs (in fact, very good legs). Not too impressed with the tits though – a bit on the droopy side for my taste. A nice, totally nude, outdoor shot nevertheless. I wonder if HM ever got himself arrested on these expeditions?

  2. I’m not sure why GHM should have been arrested. I was photographing a girl nude outdoors in Devon before 1966. You just had to be discreet.
    I like the setting and pose and Robin does have good legs but I have to agree her tits are a disappointment but fortunately the picture is taken from a low angle.


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