Tina Revealed!

After posting this image I recently acquired there was some discussion about the ID of the model. Well now it seems we have been able to ID her and have a name. Her actual name or the name that appears in several publications is Tina McLaren. Not Tina McFarland as was written on the cover of the original negatives, but that may have been a mix up!

Tina appeared in several publications back in the 1960’s Including Span Extra No.8, 66 No.45 and Beautiful Britons Extra No.14. With the above shot appearing in Span Extra No.8. Several publications refer to Tina as a coffee coloured 20 year old girl with a 37″ 23″ 36″ figure. I’m not sure they would get away with calling her coffee coloured today 🙂

Thanks to both Tonal Range and Jonathan from Vintage Fetish for helping ID Tina and the magazine scans of her.

Another beautiful model identified and more of the lovely Tina to come posing in the bath nude 😉

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  1. Wasn’t it ‘Blue Mink’ who sang about ‘turning out ‘coffee coloured’ people by the score’? It’s strange how ‘values’ change – there seems to be unrelenting pressure at the moment to condemn the values of earlier generations and admire those of this ‘snowflake’ generation (who would probably take exception to this wonderful site!).

  2. Hello,
    That shot of Tina appeared in Span Extra 08 and not 161.
    The Span Extra’s only went up to 14


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