Cover Girl No.25

The cover of Cover Girl No.25 from the mid 1960’s and featuring a different view than you would normally find on this type of publication. These European publications normally heavily feature models with a full on bush, popular in Europe at the time. This edition is one of the few to feature a shaven model on the cover and within and rather nice she is! Plus you wouldn’t get such an open and explicit cover on a magazine like this in the UK.

I also published a different bi-coloured view of this model here.

I’m trying to build up a collection of both Cover Girl and Exciting magazines, but they are hard to find in good condition. So far I’ve managed to acquired 7 editions of Cover Girl, 5 of Modern Girls and 10 editions of Exciting, including the very rare No.1. Still more to go but slowly getting there 🙂


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  1. She’s a pretty girl but that pose (with the panty hose) and the open top is very distracting. Why not a simple nude model, clean and unobstructed?

  2. Very interesting cover.

  3. Pretty face, lovely tits, nice pose. Properly shaven (minus that stubble) and in proper stockings and suspenders she would be right up there.

  4. Well, she does it for me… quite happy with the ‘stockings’ and you couldn’t ask for a more ‘what do you think’ pose – and I think great.

  5. Very nice, a pose that says “Eat Me!”

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