Cover Girl No.25

The cover of Cover Girl No.25 from the mid 1960’s and featuring a different view than you would normally find on this type of publication. These European publications normally heavily feature models with a full on bush, popular in Europe at the time. This edition is one of the few to feature a shaven model on the cover and within and rather nice she is! Plus you wouldn’t get such an open and explicit cover on a magazine like this in the UK.

I also published a different bi-coloured view of this model here.

I’m trying to build up a collection of both Cover Girl and Exciting magazines, but they are hard to find in good condition. So far I’ve managed to acquired 7 editions of Cover Girl, 5 of Modern Girls and 10 editions of Exciting, including the very rare No.1. Still more to go but slowly getting there 🙂


Tri-Coloured Cover Girl!

I love tri-coloured shots like this, especially this type of view! This comes from the introduction page of Cover Girl No.25 published in the late 1960’s. I also adore this model, her smile and the view. So look out for the full magazine in showing more of her in due course.

Some of you may know the titles ‘Cover Girl’ and ‘Exciting’. These were published by Nordisk Bladcentral, Copenhagen and distributed by Sangko-Norden and both magazines followed a very similar format. They both featured colour covers and back pages of a featured model, as well as a colour centrefold. The rest were black and white shots, but sometimes with a single coloured border or bi-coloured. All of the models had one thing in common, they were nearly all natural and showing off their thick bushy curls. Most of the images of the girls were also mostly taken by Serge Jacques.

I love these magazines as they are slightly different and slightly more risque for the 1960’s than you would find over here in the UK.

So I’m trying to build up a collection of them so if anyone has any copies of Cover Girl or Exciting out there I’d love copies or even buy them off you? Very doubtful I know, as they seem to be rather rare and hard to find out there. 🙂

In Focus by Harrison Marks

‘In Focus’ was another Kamera style pocketbook that Kamera Publications launched in 1957. As far as I can ascertain there were 21 issues produced, with the final issue being published sometime in 1964. The content and images used are again very similar to that of Kamera, with photo’s taken of the models used across both publications. There are a lot of well known models used, including early Pamela Green/Rita Landre shots, but also a few more unknown models appearing.

Listed below are covers of all editions that I currently have in my collection (Thanks to Firebird London), but you will notice that No.1, No.16 and No.19 are missing, so if anyone has a decent large copy of those I’d appreciate a copy? You will also notice some familiar models and figures appearing on the covers and I can name all but a few. So, again if anyone knows who the models are on No.8, 10, 12, 17 and No.20 please do let me know.

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