H is For Harem!

A still from what appears to be a colour hardcore version of Cous-cous featuring different models from the softcore black and white version. Three models tied up and on offer to a harem by a dodgy looking slave trader. The models are from right to left, Jenny Lane, Dania Faber and an unknown model? Jenny is the only one that appears as a slave in both, as the other version featured Virginia Jones and Sue Roberts as slaves.

One blooper from the shot I noticed, the slave trader forgot to take his wedding ring off 🙂

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  1. Very sexy. I have always found the idea of the harem most erotic (like most men I guess).

  2. He probably figured no one would be looking at him!

  3. Lovely bodies but I laughed my socks off at the Slave master.

  4. Nice idea. Apart from the wedding ring, the other blooper is the pubic hair! All female members of the harem were always shaven.

  5. Three absolute beauties!

  6. Small, medium, and large!


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