Kamera Club Christmas Calendar 2020

Well it’s time for the annual Kamera Club Xmas Advent Calendar. On the run up to Christmas links will appear below each letter as we get closer to Christmas, with each letter linking to a new image of a model or subject starting with that letter. Clicking the active link below the letter opens up the surprise ?

Normal posts will continue to appear below this post – Enjoy!

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  1. Off topic, but Marie Deveraux, of GHM fame, and Edy Williams, of Russ Meyer fame, both have small speaking parts in Sam Fuller’s SHOCK CORRIDOR, showing on TPTV just after midnight on Wednesday morning (00.05-1.55). Both keep their clothes on. The film is also on YouTube.

    Happy Advent.

  2. My mistake: the film is THE NAKED KISS. Lockdown must be getting to me. Apologies.


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