A Princess in The Barn! (1961)

Princess Sonmar Harriks (Pamela Green) from Kamera No.37 P30 (1961) posing nude in the barn. This is the third shot from this set that appeared in Kamera No.37 and all are stunning shots of Ms Green posing as the Princess in the barn.

Vicky Ashley – Barn Door View (1969)

Last, but by no means least the final of the three shots of Vicky Ashley by Terry Sparks. Taken in 1969 this shot shows Vicky posing in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor by the enterance to an old barn in blue panties and white jumper pulled up. Another cracking shot of Vicky by Terry and thank to Terry for continuing to share his shots with me.

More Paula King!

Following the continued discussion over the weekend on who appears on the cover of Lenz No.3, more evidence to support the fact that it appears to be Paula King. This shot comes from page 5 of ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ and is one of four shots throughout the magazine of Paula.

I think we can conclusively say at this point that it is indeed Paula on the cover and it is GHM’s Roller!

Thanks to all for the discussion and another GHM model identified 🙂

June Palmer – Hay Fever!

Another sultry pose from June, this time in the hay and a still from the glamour film ‘Hay Fever’ by Russell Gay.  June actually did two glamour films set in a hay barn ‘Hay Fever’ and ‘Beauty & The Barn’ and both look to be set in the same barn and done at the same time.  The differences are that the first is in colour in the above outfit, while the later is black and white in a different outfit, but the hair and jewellery are the same.  The black and white version also came in two parts, but all filmed by Russell Gay