Josephine Watson โ€“ Delightful Dimples! (Original)

Another shot of the feline looking Josephine Watson by Harrison Marks. This shot giving us a side view of her figure, including one very perky boob and nipple and a rather nice bottom including dimples ๐Ÿ™‚


Josephine Watson – Playing Statues! (1958)

An artistic pose from Josephine Watson from Kamera No.11 P15 (1958) as she kneels leaning on a small statue base. Her face may be slightly obscured, but we still get a great view of her figure in this very arty shot from GHM.


Josephine Watson – What’s New Pussy Cat! (Original)

Another shot of the feline looking Josephine Watson by Harrison Marks, this one better quality than the last post here as it comes from a direct scan of an image sent through by Kevin. I also prefer the pose of this shot to the first one for some reason.


Josephine Watson – The Girl With The Feline Look! (1958)

Another unknown model (No.33) in my unknown model list until now, as she has now been identified, again by Jeff as Josephine Watson. She appears for Harrison Marks in Kamera No.3 and Kamera No.11 (above) and only a couple of times in each publication, but as you can see has quite a distinct look. ย Well Jeff came across her again in Charm magazine No.33 with her name and a very apt title, as her look is very feline. Thanks as always to Jeff for his effort in finding names to all these unknown models, obviously got too much time on his hands ๐Ÿ™‚