Marie Deveraux in Pigtails!

Marie Deveraux sitting nude on a lone wicker chair sporting nothing more than a wistful look and pigtails! Taken by GHM and printed originally in Kamera and then re-printed in ‘Just Marie Deveraux’. The pigtails are part of a wig if you hadn’t gussed, but wonderfully posed shot regardless.

Marie Deveraux & The Bookcase

Marie Deveraux wearing nothing more than eye liner and headband posing against a bookcase.  Probably taken in GHM’s flat, but not a view I’ve come across before, but the bookcase isn’t really catching my attention that much! Unknown as to where it was originally published, but re-printed in ‘Just Marie Deveraux’

A Golden View of Marie Deveraux

Looking at the sheen all over the body of Marie Deveraux and blonde wig I would say she was covered in body paint, but I could be wrong!  It just reminds me of another Harrison Marks model Margaret Nolan posing for the credits in Goldfinger 🙂

Marie Deveraux – Just Some Earrings Darling!

Another from the Just series, this time ‘Just Marie Deveraux’ photographed by Harrison Marks wearing nothing more than a set of dangly earrings!  Obviously Marie didn’t shave and was a more natural woman, but they tried to hide the fact by bleaching or lightening her pubic hair, so you can only ‘Just’ see it!  

I’ve seen a few shots of MD where her pubic hair is lightened, but others with a full dark bush.  So it leads to the question as to why bother lightening it at all post production, unless the censors somehow allowed this? 

The Just Series

The ‘Just’ series was produced by Nostalgic Publications in the late 1990’s and was a series of A5 sized magazines featuring the re-printed work of GHM, with each magazine dedicated to a different model.  I believe there were only 5 originally, but there are also 2 Just June’s for June Palmer, but unlike the first 5 not GHM reprints.
I have a copy of the first 4 magazines for Lorraine Burnett, Marie Deveraux, Pamela Green and Paula Page, but the Just Vicky is a tricky one and harder to find!  If anyone knows of where I can get a copy then please do let me know. Although not originals, even these reprints are becoming scarce and have been redone as Kindle e-books, but not as full as these printed versions.