Karen O’Sullivan – Bows & Big Boobs! (Original)

Another UK model with a magnificent set of boobs on her is Karen O’Sullivan and they can be seen to full effect as they hang out of her bra in this shot! Another model with a much curvier fuller figure than most, this is one of four shots of her posing on the bed with panties tied at the side in a bow, but all show off her great figure and tits!


Karen O’Sullivan & Friend – Staircase Strip (1965)

Karen O’Sullivan & Friend stripping whilst posing around an old house, restored from two 35mm slides from November 1965. I just love the top pose and the figures of these two lovely ladies, such wonderful curves! Restored from two 35mm slides dated 13th November, 1965

Time For a Break!

Time for a break! With Easter coming up I’ve got a few days holiday added on and will be taking a break to spend some time with the family and enjoying some time off.

I may well do the odd post, but it won’t be my usually high volume of posts you would normally expect, as I’ll be out in the garden or doing equally as relaxing activities. I’ll see you all after the Easter break for more of the same, but in the meantime have a good Easter and I leave you with a new model that I found had posed for GHM at some point … Karen O’Sullivan another very busty model and a great colour shot of her below.

Happy Easter!