Maria Hale – Leopardskin Lounge! (1958)

A great angle and a great shot of Maria Hale’s pert little bottom from Kamera No.7 P6 (1958). I think I prefer Maria with her natural dark shorter hair to that of her alter ego ‘Madeleine Mado


June Simpson – The Curve of Her Hips!

The elegance of June Simpson posing in the studio for Harrison Marks in the late 1950’s. ¬†This shot wasn’t published until 1965 when it appeared in Kamera Special No.5, but I always love how June looks so elegant in the way she poses, although that blanket/skirt looks like it’s about to fall off her hips.


Pouting Pam (1968)

Pam Arnold from Kamera No.88 (1968) in which she appears on both the cover and colour centre pages, along with various other shots throughout the magazine, but all from the same photo set! Her only appearance in Kamera and even re-prints and shots in other publications come from this set, so maybe she only did the one shoot?