Rita Landre – Dance of The 7 Veils (Original)

I had a very busy day yesterday with content for the site, with a big batch of negatives arriving that I’d purchased, plus I made a new contact that has a collection of original negatives from the 1960’s. Originally Jeff B contacted me to enquire if I knew how much some of his box of slides were worth if sold on eBay, which consisted of 48 x Walton, 4 x J.B. Copper, 8 x Harrison Marks slides plus various others. So being cheeky I asked if he could send copies so I could take a look and the quality of the Harrison Marks and Walton slides are very good.  So being even cheekier I asked if he would scan them in high resolution and let me post them on my site, which he has agreed and the first edited version is above.

It is of course Pamela Green as Rita Landre posing with several coloured sheer veils and using one as a top.  It’s not a shot I’ve seen before or seen published in any of the Kamera publications, so it could have been an early Rita shot for Fiesta or Carnival?  The quality and colours are fantastic and the shot is very clear, thanks to the large scan.

I must say a big thanks to Jeff B for scanning and sending them over as it’s much appreciated and yet another source of quality content from people that follow this site. More to come as Jeff scans and sends them over.

Thanks Jeff!

Raunchy Rita (1959)

A full on frontal view of Rita Landre (Pam Green) from Kamera No.19 (1959) as she looks down on you from above. In a strange erotic way it’s quite a domineering look she’s giving, as if to say look, but touch if you dare! I’d risk it 🙂 The retouching on this shot is good for a change, as the way the shadows fall and the fact Pam was shaven all help reduce the retouching required on this shot.

Double The Delight with Rita Landre (1959)

A doubled up Rita Landre (Pamela Green) on the cover of Kamera No.19 (1959) and yet another scanned cover from a recent purchase as I’m catching up on my scanning now I’m up and running again.  I also have several colour shots of Rita from this set with the green and purple sheets from original negatives. she also appears with both sheets and broach on the June page of the 1961 Kamera Calendar.

Rita Landre – A Smoking Hot Alley View! (Original)

As already mentioned this is one of my favourite sets of Pamela as Rita Landre and the first decent colour shot.  I’ve been after this shot for a while as I absolutely love it and thanks to Kevin I now have a cracking copy of it, it’s just such a smoking (pun intended) hot shot of her. I love the use of the red lighting in the background and the smoke as Rita kneels there amongst it all pouting. Thanks Kevin!