Risqué Rosa – The Full Spread!

Unfortunately the last of the ‘Risqué Rosa‘ shots I have in my collection, although I believe there are a few more of her alone and I also have a set of her with a friend which are quite risky, but I’ve saved the best or most revealing till last! So Rosa Domaille (Eve Eden) spread on the bed showing all, in just stockings and suspenders. Not exactly pornographic in comparison to what we see now, but still quite shocking for back then unless you knew where to look 😉


More Naughty Rosa!

Two more shots of a more naughty Rosa Domaille (Eve Eden) posing on a front room bed in stockings and half mast panties exposing her hairy pussy! A great little set that you can see all have have posted so far here. I have about ten shots from this set in total, but think there were more, along with a set of Rosa and friend exposing themselves, but more of those anon!

More Risqué Rosa!

A couple more shots of the early risqué photos of Rosa Domaille (Eve Eden) giving us a flash of a little bit more than usual. This is the third shot of this set and I’m aware of at least 6 more shots of Rosa in various positions showing us more than usual in this dodgy back bedroom!

Rosa Domaille & The Bed Spread!

Let’s start the morning with something a little more risqué than usual!

Rosa Domaille or as she was better known later in her career Eve Eden, giving us a full on view of herself! It was well known that early in her career Rosa posed for more than the odd pornographic/sleazy shot such as this one, but finding good copies of said images is a little harder! (pun intended). As her modelling and TV career took off later in the 1960’s I wonder if she regretted doing these type of shots? I have a few more to post, but not many I’m afraid.


Nina by Harrison Marks

Another model only known as Nina photographed by Harrison Marks in 1968. This shot was again restored from an original GHM slide, but unknown as to if and where the image actually appeared in a publication? I have one other shot from this set of Nina where she reveals a bit more 🙂