More Acrobatics From June

Another flexible shot of June Simpson by Harrison Marks from a restored Pamar 35mm colour slide in my collection. A very similar pose to this shot from June showing off that fantastic figure as she bends over backwards! I wonder if there was a view from the front as well 😉


Danielle Denese – A Cheeky Sheer View!

Danielle Denese from a scan of an original Kodak Ready Mount 35mm colour slide. A very 1960’s look from Danielle posing in the studio giving us a cheeky view through a pink sheer top. Also liking the headband and bling she’s wearing especially the big ring!


Marina Pointing The Way!

Marina Jones nude in the studio by Harrison Marks. A great side shot of Marina’s figure highlighted by the pose. Not sure if she’s pointing the way or about to cast a spell over someone 🙂


Eva Nieman – Pink & Blue Nude!

Another shot from a restored 35mm colour slide featuring Eva Nieman. Sat nude and facing the camera we get a great view of her figure. tits and hard nipples.  Again, she seems to favour a headband keeping her hair out of her face showing off that pink and blue make-up.