Bursting Out With Uschi!

Not new shots of Uschi Digard, but better restored versions of her bursting out of that one piece swimsuit! Plenty of diving and snorkelling jokes come to mind looking at these shots and those fabulous big tits of Uschi, but I’ll refrain! I still prefer the younger Uschi such as in these shots rather than those later in her career.


Hanging With Uschi!

I love Uschi Digard! In fact I have such a large collection of her stuff in my archives I could probably start my own site, but lets not go there again! I prefer her earlier stuff pre Russ Meyer and before her girl on girl stuff with Candy Samples, although some of those shots aren’t too bad 🙂

This is a particularly good print of her from below letting everything hang out! I’ve also got loads of new negative scans from Girlymag of her in colour, so I’ll be posting a few of those in between the normal posts.


Uschi Digart – Somewhere To Hang Your Coat!

When I first started blogging back in September 2012 my first four posts were of Hanna Viek, Mary Millington, Lillian Parker and Uschi Digart, closely followed by Sylvia McFarland, Roberta Pedon, Suzanne Pritchard and various others. Apart from Mary Millington there was a bit of a theme going on with those posts and models, which is obvious to see if you look through some of their images and to be honest I’m still a big fan of them all today. As far as I’m aware apart from Mary Millington and Hanna Viek, none have them have links to Harrison Marks so would be off topic on this website, but I’m now finding very good quality images of some of them, so will from time to time post what I find, like the image of Uschi above.

Thinking about it, for some reason I’ve never posted any Mary Millington on here, even though she worked for Harrison Marks on ‘Come Play with Me’, So I’ll have to rectify that at some point.

Anyway back to Uschi Digart/Digard and the fact I used to love her fantastic curves and big tits, especially early in her career and a whole selection of her can be found over on my first Tumblr blog here. I even had copies of her ‘Big Busty’ and ‘Uschi & Candy’ specials.  I pretty much posted everything I found and sort of lost interest in her as the images be came repetitive and commonly posted, plus I wasn’t as much of a fan of her older stuff. I recently rediscovered Ushi in some new material, as above and my interest has once again been peaked, so thought I’d share a few here.