Maria Clarence – Highlighted Freckles (Original)

When I saw this image sent through by Kevin I knew I couldn’t resist editing and posting it straight away! It’s such a beautifully posed and lit shot of Maria Clarence that I instantly like it. The lighting source from the right highlights Maria’s face, thighs and boobs perfectly, along with the freckles on her shoulder.  Add into the shot the shadows showing the curve of her stomach and the reflection on her thumbnail and the shot works for me at every level. A perfect shot of Maria thanks to Kevin!

The Curve of Unknown Hips (Original)

Another unknown GHM model that again looks familiar, but then they all look familiar to me now, but I can’t place her? Posing in the window of Ewhurst or Walden this beautiful unknown model (No.41) is giving her small pert boob a squeeze, as she shows off her fantastic bush and the curves of her hips to good effect. Anyone know who she is, so we can put a name to the curve of those hips?

Could It Be Marie? (1950’s)

A restored 1950’s silver gelatin photograph that on a first look I thought it was young Marie Deveraux, but after looking at it for longer I’m not sure. The facial features a very similar, but the boobs look different from all the shots I have of Marie, but we know how the body develops and changes as you mature, so it could be her?  I know it is an early Harrison Marks photo, so is it her or just a good resemblance?

Hazel Taylor – Bedknobs, Boobs & Bush (Original)

A scan of a colour transparency of Hazel Taylor posing in the bedroom taken by Harrison Marks. Loving the golden bedknobs and small portable TV in the background, but more importantly a great shot of a nude Hazel. Hazel is one of those models that was very natural down below and in other images I’ve posted her impressive bush is on display for all to see. Unfortunately a strategically placed hand deprives us of such a view in this shot, but the rest of her is equally as enticing.  Thanks to Kevin for sharing Hazel from his archive.