Tracy’s Armchair Attributes!

UK model, Tracy Reeves relaxing in an armchair, as she fiddles with her hair and gives the camera a pensive look! I don’t know if Tracy actually posed for Harrison Marks, but she appeared in numerous UK publications through-out the 1960’s including Parade, Carnival, Escort and Girls Illustrated.


June & The Wheel, Part 3 (1959)

The third and final shot of June from Kamera No.27 P24 (1959) as she poses on the loft set with the wagon wheel just visible in this shot. All images of June that appear in Kamera No.27 can be seen here.


June Palmer – You Can Keep Your Coat On! (Original)

Another original shot of June taken by Stefan Glass and the second shot of her in this short leather jacket, the first shot being this one. This shot is one of two shots of June posing on the balcony in nothing than the jacket and this one has her giving us a coy look with a finger in her mouth.


June Palmer – A Nice Tit! (1964)

The title is in reference to the bird in the picture just above her right tit, not June! But the bird might be a tit as well, who knows? June posing on the Chinese Garden Set from the Kamera Special, The Fabulous June Palmer, P2 (1964).