A Puzzling View! – Gerry Brown & Friend (Original)

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this front room, but I’d find it very hard to concentrate on doing anything, let alone a jigsaw puzzle with these two looking like this! The blonde is obviously Gerry Brown, and not afraid to open up for the shot. The second more modest model looks familiar, but I can’t name her, unless anyone else can help. A beautiful front room with plenty on view indoors and out and loving the Art Deco coffee table! Thanks to Kevin for another different shot, not sure if it’s a GHM shot though?


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  1. This is indeed the work of GHM. From the 1967 film called jigsaw.

    • Fantastic Paul, another shot identified and now you pointed me in the right direction I see the same image is used as the box cover for the film 🙂

    • Yeas, indeed. I bought a copy some years ago from “the HM original homepage!”. Lovely girls, whatever they are up to!
      Incidentally, I will not tell anybody about the happy ending!
      All the best to all admirers of female beauty!
      Thank you Paul!!

  2. The friend is better looking! Anyone know who she is?


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