June Palmer – The Perfect Ride! (Original)

Would you believe that one of the top 5 most viewed posts on this site also includes a Lambretta scooter and June with Eve Eden and they’re not even naked! So he is another studio shot of June posing on a Lambretta, this time showing us a little more in the way of flesh, but still sort of riding/mounting the Lambretta.  I have one more shot of June with a Lambretta to post from John, but this is a much more formal shot. I bet this shot sold no end of these scooters with June posing on it like that!


A Misty Mountain View For June (Original)

One of those unique shots of June fully dressed and not professionally posing for the camera. Taken on holiday in the 1960’s, June giving us a great side profile view dressed in white top and trousers on a balcony. An elegant shot and one we rarely see of June, as we’re more used to seeing and wanting the glamour model June on view! I love both, but these shots show us a different side of June.

June Palmer – September 1969, A Very Bubbly Month!

June posing in a sunken bath full of bubbles for the September page of the 1969 Kamera Calendar. I love this scene of the bath and mirror’s and I’ve seen other models photographed in the same bath, but not seen many of June from this shoot?

June Palmer – Rooftop Rapier! (Original)

A different view of June in more than one way, from a rooftop and clothed! June on the roof of Strobe Studio dressed in red leotard and boots posing  in a fencing stance with a fencing/rapier sword. I’m not 100% sure, but think she had some fencing lessons during her time with Arthur Howell, as she’s also seen fencing in the video ‘Brides in the Bath’ Part 2 and obviously a prop from Arthur’s stuntman/acting days?

June Palmer in Artemis & Aktaion (Video)

Time for another video clip featuring June and this time a never before seen original made by John W himself! Shot in 1985 Artemis & Aktaion is a 9 minute short film that represents a Greek story based around a red vase and basically features June in a red robe stripping and then rubbing oil all over her naked body, need I say more! Enjoy the clip as it’s a unique view of June on film later in her private modelling career.

Now you’ve enjoyed the clip for some more details about the shoot from John.

‘I tried to make it as representing a Greek red-figure vase. The meteor scene and the transformation into a stag were particularly unsuccessful and I re-shot them on video when I had the film digitized. It was quite difficult to get cloth of the right earthy-red colour. I eventually got it from Liberty’s in London. It was intended as lining for coats and was quite scratchy. I apologised to June about this, but she said she has had worse next to her skin. I made the shoulder brooches, which were decorated with palmettes as sort of visual pun, but they didn’t come out on the film. The running stag and jumping sheep sequences were taken from Edward Muybridge’s – Animal Locomotion’.

A fantastic clip of June that I keep revisiting and watching for some reason 🙂 and a big thank you to John for allowing me to share his own films of June, of which there is one more to come.


Note: This is an original video and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer – On The Game (Video)

A short clip of June making a brief but memorable appearance in the 1974 film ‘On The Game’, which was a comic look at the history of prostitution. June appears as a wife/prostitute named Emily and although brief we do see June in long white negligee and teasing glimpses of her naked body, including her tits in a darkened room, short but sweet!

Thanks to John for sending and sharing this clip of June from his collection as it’s always appreciated, especially seeing June on film.

June & Eve – Two Girls On a Lambretta Scooter!

This was a nice little find! I’ve seen this image before on the Internet, but only a very small poor quality version. Today I came across this image on a greeting card in a small vintage collectables shop in my town. I just had to buy it, as it has two of my favourite models on it, June Palmer and Eve Eden.

I love the whole thing about this shot, from the Lambretta scooter, to June waving on the back and the smile on Eve’s face.  I don’t know if this was a posed shot or they were actually moving and riding the scooter, but a great fun shot and a different view of two great 1960’s models.

It was a difficult decision about where to publish it as well as it has both June and Eve in it, here or on the Kamera Club site. I decided on here.

June on Glass – Behind The Scenes (Original)

As you will have seen in this post, John recently sent me a set of scans of June taken from glass photographic plates and that was the first image I had restored and published from the set. This post now gives you some more details of the fantastic set of images that John sent me, plus some information behind the set. John purchased two sets of photographic glass plates of June from a seller on eBay and they were sent in the original box with a description of each plate written on the box.

As you can see there are details about the model (June), the date of the shoot and then the glass plates listed with a description of the pose. The first interesting point is June’s apparent age on the box, showing her as 21 years old in 1960, which according to her date of birth isn’t quite right! If these were taken on 20th August 1960, she would actually have been 20 not 21, so was this a mistake or did she have to be 21 to have the photo’s taken, so a little white lie?

Also included in the box was a close up print of June wearing a necklace with the  image ‘marked up’ in red. So one assumes that this was the intended crop of the shot for printing or publication? I’ve included a scan of the ‘mark-up’ as well with some scratches removed, but otherwise left as printed.

I’ve included the original scan of this glass plate from John, which is No.1 on the box – Portrait (Half) with necklace. Again I’ve restored the image from the original glass scan, as it was very dark.

Finally I then restored and cropped the image as it was intended in the ‘mark-up’ for publication, which was the shot in my first post here

This is the first box of 16 glass plates from John and I have another set of 16 to edit and publish as well, so will do those soon. Another funny coincidence to this set, was that prior to John sending the scans through to me a few weeks before Minimunster had sent me some scans of 6 contact sheets she had of June. When I saw John’s scans I knew they looked familiar and looking back found the contact sheets, which on checking are all prints from John’s glass plates and all marked up with the intended crop for publication. I have small copies fo the contact sheets, but have asked Mini for larger scans so I can add them to this collection of shots for completeness.



Note: These are original images and subject to this copyright notice, but can be shared as long as the images remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.