Hanna’s Follies, Part 2 (1970’s)

The second part of a small set of Hanna posing on the bed, the first set of images were posted here. In this second set we get more of a glimpse of Hanna’s perfect pussy, but it’s still done subtly compared to other sets of her where little is left to the imagination. I much prefer leaving some things unseen and the imagination doing the work for you! I also think this is my favourite period of Hanna, with her hair longer and the body slightly matured, but still in excellent shape. Beyond this point she becomes more slutty in her poses and more open in what she does, not that I’m complaining about that period either!

Virginia Green – Bamboo & Big Areola! (Original)

An original image of a young Virginia Green posing nude before she became a redhead, although I’ve seen shots of her blonde as well!

This scan came from the Kevin archives, but as he said the negative itself was very poor and grainy, so recovered the best I could! A couple of notable points, well one actually, the other is just the dodgy bamboo wallpaper in the background that detracts from the other notable point, Virginia’s boob and how big the areola looks in this shot.  I know she has big areola in other shots, but in this one it seems to cover a much larger area of her bob than normal, not that I’m an expert! Unless you count staring at numerous different sets of boobs each day as being an expert!

Gloria Lomax – Not Your Typical Young Lady! (Original)

Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) on the ‘Miss Prism’s Academy for Young Ladies’ set and yes that is Gloria under that long blonde wig! I have two negatives of Gloria from this shoot, the other being black and white, but I never knew that Gloria did this studio shoot for GHM until I saw this image. The slightly suggestive look she has in this shot, along with the low cut, peek-a-boo black and gold bra gives it a very naughty young lady feel.  This set also reminds me of the original St. Trinian’s films and girls, but that’s another fantasy 😉


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Palmer – An Orange Overview! (Original)

I love this original shot of June taken at Scotlee Studio in 1977 by Itsgardin, but a bit too much orange in it if you ask me. From the orange psychedelic armchair to the carpet and rug, even June looks orange! Despite that a fantastic view of June’s figure and pussy as she reclines in the chair.