Angela Duncan – Mayfair Magazine

Following in the footsteps of Margaret Nolan, June Palmer and Ann Walker an appearance in Mayfair Magazine for Angela Duncan.  She appeared on the cover of Mayfair Vol.5 No.10 (October 1970) and as Mayfair’s Girl of the Month as above.  Sorry don’t have a very good copy of the cover, but love the shots in white stockings and panties!

Terry Graham as Fay Richmond

Three stunning pages of Terry Graham as Fay Richmond from Girl Illustrated, Souvenir Edition No.2 (March 1970).  She has also appeared in other magazines as Laela Simons, but GI seems to be the only magazine where she appears on various occasions as Fay.  I must admit the above colour shot in just tight rubber boots is one of my favourites, even with the editing out of the pubic hair!

June Palmer – Girl Illustrated No.37

As promised, June Palmer from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.4 No.37 (1970).  The magazine shows three monochrome pictures, where she is shown wearing unzipped trousers and has shoulder length hair. The single colour shot appears to be an older photograph. GI states that she is only rarely modelling at the time, but has returned to the pages by popular request. This would tie in with the published date of 1970 and JP’s ‘retirement’ from public modelling, until her re-appearance in 1977.

June Palmer Coloured From Girl Illustrated

It feels like a bit of a June Palmer day, not that there is anything wrong with that!  Another coloured version of June Palmer from my friend Oldiznewagain over on Tumblr and it always amazes me how good he gets the skin tones on these!

The original comes from Girl Illustrated magazine published in 1970 and is part of a set of 4 images and I’ll be publishing the full set of images later.

Aphrodisia Review

There is a great review over on Gavcrimson’s blog about Aphrodisia, the 1970 glamour film from Harrison Marks, which came in two parts.  The first part came with the description – ‘A film featuring eight characters in sexual action to excite and amuse. A story in the 007 style with fabulous birds and sexy bad men including one virile young man called Captain X. Meet Cherry Doubleday, blonde innocent and beautiful, and a group of delectable girls’

What interested me was that ‘Captain X’ was played by none other than Emmett Hennessy, who contacted me and this site to see if I had a copy of Aphrodisia.  Unfortunately I hadn’t, but I’m glad to see Emmett got in contact with Gav and has been able to acquire a copy of the film he starred in.

Excellent review, so go take a read as I’m always amazed at the amount of details Gav manages to find!