A Blonde Jackie Parker

A couple of shots of Jackie Parker in a blonde wig posing in the bedroom! After enjoying the obvious assets of Ms Parker, what was going on in that bedroom with those patterns! How many different contrasts can one room have, strips, floral, abstract and that’s before you even add in the patterns on Ms Parker’s panties and stockings!  All very distracting, but thankfully she has the assets to more than compensate!

More Marie Provost

After not being able to find anything on Marie Provost to start with I’ve now come across a further two images of her.

These two shots are definitely by GHM as they seem to be in the bedroom of his flat in Gerrard Street.  They are also very similar to those taken of Frankie Young in Kamera No.56, so puts them around 1964, so Kamera No.61?

The eyes and face on the top shot look very edited, but not by me I may add!