Beryl Gilchrist – Happy to Strip! (Original)

Well my Jury Service is complete, even if I did get picked for a case that was grim at least I’ve done my civic duty and normality can return!

Thought I’d resume with a very happy and smiling shot of Beryl Gilchrist peeling down her fishnet tights in the back bedroom for the camera! This is from an original 10 by 8 print and was in excellent quality and shows off Beryl’s superb figure very well. All the shots I’ve seen of Beryl she seems to be either tanned or have a bit of colour in her, maybe some Hispanic or Mediterranean in her family?

Beryl Gilchrist – Music of The Gods! (Original)

Another shot that I again posted back in 2014 from the published version that appeared in Femme No.11 (1968) here, but now I have the original negative.

A beautiful shot of Beryl Gilchrist in high resolution and for members in its original medium format size. The clarity between the two shots is stunning, but no difference in the two versions censorship wise, as Beryl is posing with her leg cleverly placed to hide anything that may need to be retouched! The published version was more tightly cropped on Beryl than this, but I prefer to see more of the ornate surroundings and harp in my shot. Not that we shouldn’t be focussing on Beryl’s slender naked figure, as it is rather nice to look at 🙂

Beryl Gilchrist – The Pouting Princess!

Beryl Gilchrist in colour posing on the obligatory sheepskin rug wearing necklace, headband and panties by Russell Gay. I don’t know if she is actually smiling or pouting in this shot or if it’s just the way the lipstick has been applied and who really looks at those lips and cares 🙂

Beryl Gilchrist – Forms in Color

A nude Beryl Gilchrist reprinted in the 1960’s Danish magazine ‘Forms in Color No.5’, which were colour versions of Harrison Marks shots and uncensored!  I only seem to have several images from this magazine as one of the pages states it has over 130 pages and was published quarterly.  Anyone have a full copy?

Kamera Calendar – 1967 (July – Dec)

Part two of the 1967 Harrison Marks/Kamera calendar all in high resolution.

July – Sandra Cassano

August – Teri Martine

September – Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon)

October – Hyldagarde

November – Beryl Gilchrist

December – Margaret Nolan

My favourite must be Hyldagarde and her fabulous buxom bosom and for some reason Beryl Gilchrist in the hay 😉

Thanks to Simon for sending all of these wonderful scans for me to share.
Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this. Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to these originals if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder

Beryl Gilchrist

Another of the lesser known models of Harrison Marks, but first appeared in the HM feature film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks‘. Appeared in Kamera No.70, 72, 74 (Cover) & 79. In Kameras No.70 and No.74 she is found in the infamous HM Dungeon. Also appeared in more regal surroundings in Femme No.11 and the HM Glamour film: ‘Imagination’.*
Girls Illustrated No.5 (1966)
 Parade No.1481 (April 27th 1968)

*Model Information from Harrison Marks Official Site