A Blonde Mystery? (1970)

Time for another mystery model and another that’s cropped up a couple of times in different places! This mysterious blonde appears in the 1970’s Harrison Marks glamour film The Amorous Masseur (Top Image) published by Maximus International Ltd, but I have no idea who she is? I also have a set of 7 colour 35mm slides of the same model posing in the studio (Bottom Image) and until now hadn’t connected the two!

Again thanks to Ray I now have 3 uncensored shots of this mysterious blonde by Harrison Marks from The Amorous Masseur to add to the collection.  Whoever she is she has a stunning figure and more on show in both shots. Another added to the ever growing list of Unknown Models đź™‚

Update: Thanks to Pirate Pete who identified the top image as a still from The Amorous Masseur and also sent me a copy 🙂

June Palmer – She’ll Be Saw in The Morning! (Original)

June posing on the set of the ‘Danger Girl’ produced by Arthur Howell and Strobe Films. This is the contraption that in the film June was strapped to naked as the saw got closer to her head, before she overpowered her abductor and threw him on the same saw!  A great shot of June posing on set and another great view of her rear.  I’m not sure that saw looks like it will cut anything strong than paper, but who’s looking at the saw anyway!


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