Diane Clare By Lamp Light (Original)

I have several shots of Diane Clare by Harrison Marks on the loft set posing within the bed and with this lamp, both black and white originals and colour Pamar slides. This one comes from Kevin and shows Diane bending over the lamp as though she’s about to blow it out. You also get to see a partial view of Diane’s abundant pussy. The rest of the shots posted from this set can be seen here.

An Over The Shoulder Look! (Original)

A great portrait shot of June with long hair, as she looks over her shoulder at the camera.  Although June seems to be nude in the shot, not a lot of her is on show, but still a pretty good view and love the earrings and the lamp in the background. Thanks to Kevin for sharing this shot of June from his archive 🙂

Dawn Grayson – Lopsided Look!

Another great shot of Dawn Grayson posing on the same bed as this original shot, but this time in colour.  Nothing naughty about this shot other than she’s got a naughty look in her eye as she poses in underwear and stockings for the camera.  The title could refer to her pose, or the fact that the photographer didn’t even straighten the lampshade before taking the shot.

June & The Standing Lamp (Original)

Another room, another prop and another fantastic shot of June by Stefan Glass! This time she’s posing in another living room or drawing-room of the same house all the other shots were taken, but this time posing totally nude up against a tall standing lamp. Perfect!

June & The Lamp Revisited

I first came across an image from this set back in January, when I published an edited version of a similar image from Nouvelle Serie De Studio No.48. Now I’ve come across three more shots of much better quality from the same set that were republished in the 1950’s Glamour Book. Three great shots of a young June from the early 1960’s and possibly taken by Russell Gay and posing with what looks to be a hanging incense lamp??