The Sleek & Elegant June Simpson (1959)

Another wonderful shot of June Simpson posing for Harrison Marks wearing the daisy earrings from Kamera No.20 P20 (1959). A simply stunning pose with that long blonde hair and daisy earrings and probably from this set, including one of my own original colour negatives.

Jayne Tracey’s Sheer Rear!

Another shot from over on Flickr from R Fitzgerald taken by his father this time of Jayne Tracey, but he has her named as Janice, so maybe that was her real name? A great shot of her posing in sheer white panties and top with what appears to be a long blonde hair extension. I seem to have a thing for sheer tops and panties on models back then, suppose it’s the tease of being able to partially see what was below!

Margaret The Tree Nymph!

Margaret Nolan posing in the forest leaning against a tree! I’ve not seen this shot before and it originally got posted over on a Tumblr blog dedicated to Margaret, which seems to reblog a lot of my Margaret Nolan stuff! I’d say looking at this pose and MN’s age this may have been originally taken by Harrsion Marks as I’ve seen similar Tree shots by him before!

Pamela Green – She Walks in Beauty

Pamela Green posing nude on the bonnet of a classic American Oldsmobile car from the pages of ‘She Walks in Beauty’ (1964). I’ve also seen this image coloured over on oldiznewagain’s site and must say the chrome bumper and red boot look excellently coloured. Pamela Green is looking as composed and classy as always.

Lorraine Burnett – QT Beauty

Lorraine Burnett as the QT Beauty from the centre pages of QT No.13 by Russell Gay. Strategically placed bow and long blond hair covering the essential bits!

Anyone have a date for this magazine, or any of the other QT magazines, as they don’t seem to have publication dates in them?