June Palmer – Showing Some Leg!

I revisited an old shot of June from back in 2014 and re-edited the colours and it’s amazing how bad I was back then with colours!

It’s still a stunning shot of her sat on a desk, suitably or unsuitably dressed in a little back number (every girl should have one apparently!) Great studio shot of June dressed and showing us those great legs, just not sure about the ashtray in the background!

June at Work (Originals)

Over the time this site has been running John has sent me various candid shots of June working at Strobe studios and I always planned on writing an article about June at Strobe, but just never got round to it! I either got distracted with better images that I wanted to publish, or, well there isn’t another excuse I just didn’t do it. To rectify that here are three shots of June at work at Strobe in the 1960’s. She can be seen sat posing dressed (for now!) in a very 1960’s style tunic as photographers go about taking shots of her.  What amazes me is that her cigarette’s aren’t very far away and you can see the ashtray and her smoking in a couple of shots.  I know she smoked most of her life, but I didn’t realize she smoked so much.

Thanks to John for these 3 candid shots, with another for the same set still to publish.