Nicky Stevens – Bare Cupboard View (Original)

I think this shot is the closest I’ve seen of Nicky showing us an uncensored shot of what’s between her legs? You still don’t see much, but you can see she’s shaven, which I had guessed and maybe just a hint more but that’s it! A very modest girl it seems, but I’m sure she must have opened her legs further for someone, maybe GHM in private?

Nicky Stevens – Early One Morning!

A shot for one of my members who recently contacted me and mentioned Nicky Stevens and the glamour film by Harrison Marks she appeared in. The film was ‘Early One Morning’ and featured Nicky taking a bath in an old fashioned ‘hip bath’, unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the film, but realized I had published one still from that shoot before and another worth sharing now.


Nicky’s Naughty Knickers!

There is something very naughty about this pose from Nicky ‘Wacker’ Stevens. I don’t know if it’s the white jumper pulled up to expose her tits, or the glimpse of white panties between those opened legs in white fishnets or both! I like it anyway and a great teasing shot of Nicky. The nickname ‘Wacker’ came from Harrison Marks and was a common nickname for people who came from Liverpool apparently, but I also understand she was a bit of a no nonsense tough bird, so that could explain it as well 🙂

Nicky Stevens – Kamera Calendar, November 1968

Out of sync with my other 1968 Kamera Calendar posts, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me! The November page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar featuring Nicky Stevens in the snow with nothing more than white boots, hat and hand warmer to protect her from the elements! 
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