Magnificent Models No.1 Cover

The cover of Magnificent Models No.1 by Nostalgia Publications reprinting the works of Harrison Marks from Kamera, some new and some reprinted, but most uncensored!

What is more interesting (to me anyway!) is the background of the Pat Davis image as it shows a copy of the Kamera Calendar featuring Pamela Green I posted here 

Beryl Gilchrist – Forms in Color

A nude Beryl Gilchrist reprinted in the 1960’s Danish magazine ‘Forms in Color No.5’, which were colour versions of Harrison Marks shots and uncensored!  I only seem to have several images from this magazine as one of the pages states it has over 130 pages and was published quarterly.  Anyone have a full copy?

Jayne Tracey – Revue No.46

Two ‘uncensored’ shots of Jayne Tracey reprinted in the Danish publication ‘Nouvelle Serie De Revue’ No.46 by Harrison Marks on the space set used with many other models.

These magazines were published by Nordisk Bladcentral, Copenhagen and distributed by Sangko-Norden and there were several different publications, such as Play-Girl, Bazaar, Lotus, Charme, Nouvelle Serie De Revue and Nouvelle Serie De Studio.  Nearly all were re-prints of Harrison Marks work from Kamera and his other publications and feature all the familiar models from his work.
What is quite surprising is the addition of pubic hair in all these re-printed publications, as they are obviously added on to the original images, as the bushes are too perfect and uniform, but done well!  So we have a situation where for the UK market the images were retouched to remove any signs of pubic hair, due to UK censorship laws.  But the re-prints in the Scandinavian countries, where pubic hair was deemed OK, they added the hair back in!  It does beg the question as to why and could they not use GHM’s original untouched images rather than editing the pubic hair back in!  The answer may be as simple as that most of the originals didn’t have pubic hair as most of the models shaved similar to Pamela Green and Vivienne Warren.  Still seems like a lot of work to add the pubic hair back in, but then maybe the Scandinavian men liked their ‘Bush’, which you can’t complain about.
I’ve published several in the past and always wondered, but now you know. So when you see those perfect bushes on your favourite 1960’s models you will know they are probably from one of theses publications 🙂

Ann Wilson – Forms in Color

The beautiful redhead of Ann Wilson posing nude in front of an old grandfather clock in Ewhurst Manor by Harrison Marks. This image was  a reprint in a Danish magazine from the late 1960’s called ‘Forms in Color’ and included 24 uncensored colour shots mostly from Harrison Marks, but a few I don’t recognise!

Paula Page & The Well Positioned Cane!

Another shot from the set of Paula with bamboo canes, but this one seems to me to be more suggestive with the positioning on the single cane between those huge boobs of hers!  Maybe it’s just me, but again clever positioning and use of shadows to hide the pubic area, so very little editing was required.

Mirror Image of Virginia Green

Two shots of Virginia Green posing with mirrors by Harrison Marks and one with a familiar black negligee.  Published in either Kamera or Solo No.15 and re-printed in Magnificent Models by Harrison Marks No.3

The Just Series

The ‘Just’ series was produced by Nostalgic Publications in the late 1990’s and was a series of A5 sized magazines featuring the re-printed work of GHM, with each magazine dedicated to a different model.  I believe there were only 5 originally, but there are also 2 Just June’s for June Palmer, but unlike the first 5 not GHM reprints.
I have a copy of the first 4 magazines for Lorraine Burnett, Marie Deveraux, Pamela Green and Paula Page, but the Just Vicky is a tricky one and harder to find!  If anyone knows of where I can get a copy then please do let me know. Although not originals, even these reprints are becoming scarce and have been redone as Kindle e-books, but not as full as these printed versions.