Sexy Suzi! (Original)

Suzi Khan by Harrison Marks, otherwise known as Sue Owen with blonde hair! I’m still not quite sure if I prefer Sue Owen with dark hair or with blonde hair as Suzi Khan, but this is a good shot as a blonde as she kneels on the bed. Not well endowed in the boob department with a very small but perky pair!

Thanks to Kevin for this shot of Suzi/Sue 🙂

A Bushy View of Sue (1969)

Sue Owen in the undergrowth down by the river as she poses nude leaning against a tree! Taken by Harrison Marks this uncensored version of the shot appears in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1, P44 (1969), unsure if a censored version appeared anywhere though? A great view of Sue’s lush bush as she leans back and the location looks to be on a familiar river edge, probably on location at one of GHM’s favourite haunts down in Cornwall?

Sue Owen – A Look Called Desire! (Original)

I have 3 images of Sue Owen from this set where she has long dark hair with a bow in it, but this is the most revealing of them, as the other two have her in a black negligee. This one came from Kevin’s collection whereas I own the other two, but decided to show them in reverse, so a backward strip 🙂 Sue posed for a while as a blonde for GHM under the alias Suzy Khan, but still undecided if I prefer with dark or blonde hair, but this is a particularly good shot of her with dark hair.

Sue Owen – Kamera Calendar, May 1968

A blonde Sue Owen posing sat on a slightly crushed lobster pot for the May page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar. The shot also features fishing nets again, which was another popular prop that GHM used throughout his early and later shots.