The Tantalizing Toni Rees (Original)

An absolutely stunning shot of a naked Toni Rees from an original medium format negative sent over by Kevin. I love how her perfect body and face are highlighted by lighting from the left hand side and look at those fabulous curvy hips and waist đŸ™‚

T is For Toni (Xmas Calendar)

A teasing shot of Toni Rees posing as she sits on the sofa in a sheer baby-doll negligee. From a restored silver gelatin photo this shot of Toni is very tempting and although she’s wearing a negligee the sheer material still gives us more than a glimpse of those beautiful big tits that lie beneath!

Thanks to Girlymag for this and several other shots from the same set of Toni. I’ve now gone from originally not knowing who Toni was, to having a collection of over 40 prints of her from various sets. It’s a hard life đŸ™‚

Toni Doesn’t Look Happy! (Original)

A restored silver gelatin photo of Toni Rees looking very unhappy about something, even though she’s stood there naked! What a fabulous curvy body she had despite the rather stern look she’s giving the camera, as though we shouldn’t really be looking at her curvy body, but can’t help ourselves! Another top quality print sent over from Girlymag and this is from a small set of 3 prints of Toni posing against this floral background.

Toni Rees – Bumps & Curves! (Original)

A stunningly good shot of Toni Rees from a restored silver gelatin print showing off every bump and curve of her naked body. What a fabulous curvy body she had and one to be admired for a long time, I know I did! Another top quality print sent over from Girlymag.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Toni Rees – Deliciously Curvy (Original)

A restored silver gelatin print of Toni Rees showing off her fabulous body and curves and in my mind that’s a proper woman’s figure! Another top quality print sent over by Tom from Girlymags.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Toni’s Tummy (1960’s)

Another shot of Australian model Toni Rees by Harrison Marks, very similar to this colour shot I posted before.  I love her figure, it may not be perfect and you can see the slight dip of her tummy, but to be honest that’s probably more to the position of her pose than anything. Regardless a great shot of a real model with a real body that she is proud to show off.

Toni Rees by Harrison Marks

I’ve had this shot of an unknown model in unknown models for ages and up until now didn’t have a name for the face and body. Thanks to Jeff she’s now been identified as Toni Rees, a girl from down under that also appeared in 66 magazine and Spick & Span. Thanks to Jeff for the identification and another model named đŸ™‚