Lorraine Burnett in Just a Necklace!

I just love this shot of Lorraine Burnett with her perfectly placed hand!  I don’t know where this originated, but looking at the shape and size of the image I’d guess from a Russell Gay publication such as Amber or QT, maybe the centrefold?  I think the shot had already been edited as all I did was some minor colour adjustments, so someone else did a fine restoration job on it first.  I have other similar shots of Lorraine with his hair style and necklace, but this one just jumps out at me.

Hazel Taylor – Sexy Girl No.5

Two shots of Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) from Sexy Girl No.5. I love the cheeky shot of her slowly pulling down her panties in the bottom shot, but the top shot does it for me!  I think it must be the titillation (very apt word I think!) of seeing her fine figure through the fishnet outfit.

Pamela Green – Men Only (1974)

Pamela Green from Men Only Magazine, Vol.39 No.5 (May 1974)

There were other images of Pam, but this was the only nude photo in the issue which accompanied an interview with Pamela that the magazine ran.  The photo was probably taken by Doug Webb, her partner at the time and obviously a good photographer himself.  At 44 when this shot was probably taken Pamela is still looking as good as ever and still knows how to hold a pose!
I’ll try and get hold of the other images and interview, so I can publish the complete set and article, but thanks go to Simon T for providing the original scan above.

Virginia Green in 3D

Some more late 1950’s 3D goodness, this time two shots of Virginia Green, one posing nude with a discretely placed knee!  The other stood in just her panties, but she stands out from the background.  I think the first shot works better in 3D as the knee and body stand out well from the bed spread and cushions

I bet your glad you kept those old 3D glasses, or borrowed them from the kids as old red/cyan 3D hasn’t looked this good for ages!