June Palmer – Scarlet Woman!

Time for a bit of classic June Palmer and a fabulous shot of her posing in just white knickers on a chair. Love the coloured rug and scarlet curtains as a backdrop. A nice bit of leg on show as well, so one for the foot lovers out there 🙂

Dawn Grayson – A View of Below! (Print)

A 10 by 8 print of Dawn Grayson in all her nude glory, giving us an uncensored view down below! I think this is actually one of the few shots I’ve seen of Dawn unshaven down below, although I’d hardly say it was a full on bush. Nearly all her early shots including those taken by Harrison Marks show Dawn with a clean and smooth look, so some hair is a rarity! Nice rug too, which could have led to all sorts of other bush/rug comments, but I’ll refrain 🙂

The Perky Peaks of Linda Lloyd (1965)

Linda Lloyd posing for GHM in his Flat amongst the ceramic cats from the Kamera Special No.5 (1965). Loving the beehive hairstyle and the ornament behind Linda causing the double peaks shadow 🙂
Linda did three photo shoots for Harrison Marks. The first, a studio shoot, were printed in Kamera No.60 & 63 (1964). The second shoot was at GHM’s London flat (above) and then Linda was chosen for the annual Cornwall shoot. Photos from the latter two were published in Kamera No.64 & 76.

Gloria Lomax on The Rug!

Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) posing seductively on a rug from Sexy Girl No.1. Another model that modelled under pseudonyms rather than her real name, but was more commonly known under the Gloria moniker! This wonderful lady is still around today with a big family, hence no real name on here.