R is For Rusty (Xmas Calendar)

Rusty Gaynor posing nude sat on a wicker chair on the front lawn of Ewhurst Manor by Harrison Marks. An odd pose, but that’s nothing new with GHM, but also an odd shape to Rusty’s boobs, but then I’m sure I’ve mentioned I think she had them done!

Paula Page – A Perfect Chair Adornment!

My teachers always told me not to lean over the back of my chair at school, but I bet they never saw Paula Page like this! If I’m having a big tits day I just had to include the beautiful hangers of Ms Page. This shot comes from the aptly named ‘Big Book of Breasts’

A Spot of Nude Sunbathing

An unknown model posing on a wicker chair for Harrison Marks in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1. lovely pose to catch the sun and also showing off her fine pussy, but anyone identify her?

Marie & The Wicker Chair!

Another from the set of Marie Deveraux posing nude on a wicker chair by Harrison Marks. Shots from this set seem to appear across various publications from GHM, this is one of two shots appearing in Kamera No.86 (1968). This is the third shot from this set.

Marie Deveraux & The Chair!

Another shot of Marie Deveraux posing nude on just a wicker chair in pigtails. This comes from Glamorous Girls No.2 and again is possibly a reprint from an original Kamera publication. I love this set and just look at the lovely curves and round arse on her, perfect!  

These girls all had what I would class the perfect curvy figures. You didn’t see a skinny girl back then very often, but then I prefer the more curvaceous figure.  I have more of this set to come!

Marie Deveraux in Pigtails!

Marie Deveraux sitting nude on a lone wicker chair sporting nothing more than a wistful look and pigtails! Taken by GHM and printed originally in Kamera and then re-printed in ‘Just Marie Deveraux’. The pigtails are part of a wig if you hadn’t gussed, but wonderfully posed shot regardless.