Pamela Green – An All Round View (Original)

A sixth shot from the spectacular set of Pamela Green posing in the bath for Harrison Marks surrounded by mirrors! I just adore the curves and slightly rounded tummy of Pam as she gets out the bath. Plus you get a front and rear view at the same time thanks to the reflection in the mirror. Only one more shot left to publish of this ‘Bath Set‘, plus an original black and white shot thanks to Kevin.

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  1. Thanks to Kevin for this superb study of “The Divine Pamela”.Of all the hundreds of studies of her that I have owned ,The Bathroom Set” shows her at her superb best. “Forever the most Beautiful Woman in The World”

  2. I don’t know . . . I think she’s getting a bit broad in the beam there – but HM could probably never say no to her . . .

  3. Some beam !!!!!”Forever the Most Beautiful Woman in The World”

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