Sue Owen – A Modern Masterpiece! (Original)

The stunning Sue Owen sat atop a step ladder as she poses for Harrison Marks in his flat I think? A fabulous smile as she sits there naked showing off her small tits and hairy bush with a couple of masterpieces in the background. All very artistic!

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  1. Did not Ms Owen have an on/off career in television. Or possibly as an “extra” in Carry On film’s maybe. I was looking through the link to see if she had a biography, but there wasn’t one. Although on the page 3 (of the link) there is a mention of her being married (in the magazine article), although she doesn’t wear the wedding ring all the time, in at least one short she is maybe wearing an engagement ring.

    Just have this nag that I’ve seen her name elsewhere other than as a photographic model. Or maybe it was another Sue Owen.


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