Hilde Beck – Kneeling Nubile! (Original)

Hilde Beck (Hyldagarde) on the Egyptian (Pharaohs) Set by Harrison Marks and comes from the very extensive collection of original negatives from Kevin. This shot has Hilde kneeling on a stone block in a very passive pose, but looking equally as gorgeous and giving us a full uncensored view of those ample tits and pussy!

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  1. A very sultry looking pose but I especially like the fact that you see the curve of the small of her back through her arm… to me this suggests a fabulous pair of hips to go with her magnificent breasts.

  2. Beautiful presentation of an item in the Slave-Girl Auction, which explains her passive expression. No doubt bidding would be brisk for such a delightful lady……

  3. It has to be said that, without looking through other pictures of her, I wold have guessed that she’d had some kind of breast enhancement, maybe she has, they almost look too good to be true.

    not complaining . . .

  4. That’s a typo and should read “there’s a side view that does look quite natural”

    Sorry Hilde.

  5. In the event of any interest, and aside from her Harrison Marks work, I have her down for several appearances in Carnival and Parade in 1966, out of which one shoot among bales of hay seem to account for many of those pics.

    She had an outstanding 2 page set in Men Only Dec 1965, and also a beautiful 7 page set (largely colour) in the March 1966 issue of US magazine, Swank.

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