Rita Landre – A Colour Femme Fatale! (Original)

Rita Landre (Pamela Green) posing on the Parisian Alley Set by Harrison Marks. I’ve published several shots of Pam as Rita in this location here, but think it is one of my favourite sets of her as Rita.

This shot is even better as it’s in colour, so you get to see Rita in vivid colour. I love the smoke in the shot and all the Parisian posters, which again look much better in colour, as does that glorious figure of Rita/Pam 😉

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  1. Classic. Wonderful.

  2. That’s some wig! You could call the photo Titian with Tits

  3. In photos where she is ‘Pam’ she can be almost aloof, strictly posing for arts’ sake. In photos where she’s posing as ‘Rita’ she’s in your face, looking down the lens and saying ‘come up and see me sometime’… (I know that was Mae West really!)

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