Virginia Green – An Introduction to Kamera No.33 (1960)

I always like it when I find a shot of a model in Kamera and also have the original negative. Virginia Green from the introduction page of Kamera No.33 (1960).

Followed by the original of Virginia stood posing in the studio by Harrison Marks. A fabulous sexy sultry look and such curves, as I love the curve of her hips and not forgetting the smooth uncensored view down below showing off those prominent lips! 😉

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  1. One of the greatest sets of hips, as well as the gorgeous rest of her, and it is lovely to see her uncensored, instead of that stupid grey blur. Thank you for this. Wonderful,

  2. Private Fraser would be in ecstasy looking at those thighs!

  3. Wonderful!! Another shot as seen through the eyes and lens of GHM! Exactly what I love seeing!

  4. This young lady has a look of Pamela about her.

  5. I remember seeing in old Kameras the occasional shot where the photographer could be seen in a mirror. Always added a bit for me, dont know why. Do you have any such shots perchance?


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