Dawn Grayson – Waiting For Whatever Comes Next! (Original)

I have several negatives from this set of Dawn and all are non nude, but it’s still a stunning set of her! The set consists of her posing wearing a pale blue bra, white fishnet panties, tan stockings and heels. I’ve posted two shots so far that you can see here and Dawn looks stunning in both, but I think this is the best so far.

The look on Dawn’s face as she leans against the sofa is fabulous. It’s a look that could say ‘take me now’ or ‘what next?’, but regardless she looks absolutely gorgeous 😉

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  1. Who could resist Dawn. What a fantasy come true.

  2. Just impossible to choose between the 3 pics of Dawn cited here. I still think the Uncensored one of her on 13 June 2014 is the one to beat but then I change my mind….

  3. Totally ravishing!

  4. Being a fan of colour coordination, I don’t care for the mix of blue. white and tan….


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