Vera Novak – Kamera No.57 Cover (1964)

My latest Kamera purchase dropped through the door today and I love the orange cover featuring Vera Novak.  Not sure about the heavily retouched/censored parts though as they make her look like a shop mannequin with that smooth nether region!

June & The Wheel (Coloured)

Wow! I just love this coloured version of June appearing in Kamera No.27 (1960) by Oldiznewagain. The subtle use of the beige colours in the background really work on this shot, with only the red of her lips standing out. Normally Oldiznew adds a background colour or clothes colour that pops and makes the image stand out, but this works without a contrast.

Original image in black and white linked here, but decided not to post it directly as a comparison so not to detract from this great version.


June & The Wheel (1960)

A 20 year old June posing in Kamera No.27 (1960) for Harrison Marks. This time posing on the loft set, but again with a wheel in the background and a very similar shot to the one that appeared in Kamera No.23, not sure what that was all about! unfortunately the shot has been retouched for censorship reasons back then, but the way June poses it probably didn’t need much retouching.


In The Garden With Dawn & Friend (1965)


A very smiley shot of a nude Dawn Grayson and friend in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor posing for Harrison Marks. This shot appears in Kamera No.65 (1965) in which both Dawn and the other unknown model appear through-out in different locations around Ewhurst. Both also appear on the cover of an earlier vintage magazine Solis No.70, but does anyone know who the blonde is?
Not impressed with the retouching in this shot on the blonde model, although on looking at other shots, she seems to be shaven down below, so can’t have been that much to remove!