June Russell – Pillow Protection (Original)

Another June and another shot from a set of June Russell on the familiar ‘casting’ couch. Unlike the other shots here, she seems to have discarded all clothing in this shot. Everything seems have have been removed apart from the strategically placed pillow 😉

Lorraine’s Puffed Pillows (Original)

What a lovely bedside view of Lorraine Burnett with a puffed up pillow for support as she squeezes those big tits between her arms.  Her ever present pout is there once again, but a great bedroom shot of her from a scanned print from Kevin.

Eve Eden & The Perfectly Placed Pillow

I’ll refrain from comments about plump pillows etc and leave that up to you lot!  Another well placed pillow covering the modesty of Eve Eden in this shot and looks just like my Grans front room, obviously minus Eve Eden!  Nice dangly earrings again!