Lorraine Burnett – All That Jazz! (Original)

A restored JB Copper slide of Lorraine Burnett posing topless on the sofa in a pair of very jazzy pants and red high heels. There are so many different patterns in this shot it hurts your eyes looking at this shot and distracts you from the fact Lorraine is sat there topless or maybe not!

Joanna Kent & The Psychedelic Wallpaper 2 (Original)

Another shot of June Palmer posing as Joanna Kent (Strawberry Blonde Wig) in front of a mirror and that psychedelic red wallpaper.  I don’t know which is worse the red in the foreground or the blue wallpaper that can be seen in the mirror reflection!  The other shot I have from the same set can be seen … here

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Joanna Kent & The Psychedelic Wallpaper

OK, It’s June Palmer in another original 120 film negative image, again taken by Arthur Howell.  This time wearing a wig and depending on the colour of the wig she went by a different alias.  
If the wig was strawberry blond, she was known as Joanna Kent If the wig was the black short wig she became Rachel Wells (I think I have a few!) and the silver wig she was Candy.  This looks strawberry blonde to me, so makes her Joanna Kent 🙂