Pamela Green – Amongst The Balloons! (Original)


A great shot of a dark haired Pamela Green posing amongst coloured balloons from a negative scan from Kevin.  I can’t say I’ve seen any shots of Pam from this set before with the balloons, but it looks to be an early shot of her prior to her Kamera days? If I were to hazard a guess I’d say it was still taken by Harrison Marks, but probably appeared in Carnival or Foto in the mid 1950’s, but I could be wrong? I’m sure the Pam experts out there such as Simon or Yak can enlighten us more on the origin?

Wherever it came from still a very good colour shot of Pam with very little restoring required considering its age and thanks to Kevin for sharing.

Maria Hale – A Perfectly Pert Pose (1958)

Maria Hale in a kneeling pose showing off her curves and small perfectly pert tits from Kamera No.8 (1958).  The more I see of Maria Hale as herself with short dark hair the more I like her like this rather than her other alias Madeleine Mado. Normally I’m a blonde man, but these shots work better for her.

Pamela Green – 1950’s Chic! (1955)

A shot of Pamela Green looking very chic in a shot from a set of her wearing black pants, scarf around her neck and a tucked in blouse from 1955. This shot comes from an original silver gelatin photograph, but the same shot also appears on page 50 in ‘Pamela A Portrait in Studies’ by Harrison Marks also published in 1955.

Lorraine Burnett – All Made Up! (1958)

A very glamorous and made up Lorraine Burnett from Kamera No.21 (1959). Seen here posing nude and with heavy make-up and kneeling on a very familiar towel/rug that I’ve seen in other early Harrison Marks shots. He definitely re-used his props!